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Hi everyone :)

Hi, I am new. I am member of another D&E community, but I'm on the street team too so I figured I'd join this one. I'm Ashley...21 from La Porte Indiana. I have been a D&E fan since November 2003...I know fairly new. I didn't get into a lot of Chicago bands until I did my radio show at Ball State last year. I love Chicago and music. Some of my other fav Chicago bands include Saraphine, Swizzle Tree, LBC, Drawing a Blank, Empyrean, and Triptii. I know I have a lot more, but it's morning, and I can't think. I hope to talk to a lot of you guys and be friends. I was also at the Valpo show last Sunday (Tasha, I met you I was with Katie). I must say it was hella good times.
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