Tasha (stars2811) wrote in destreetteam,

Chicago ST meeting info

I'm pretty sure that you all got this in email form already, but I just want to cover my bases...

Saturday, September 25th (Naperville)
860 W 75th St
Naperville, IL. 60565
2 p.m

Sunday, September 26th (Orland Park)
Barnes & Noble (upstairs in the cafe)
160 Orland Park Pl
Orland Park, IL. 60462
1 p.m

If you can possibly make it, please come.

We have a ton of information about the DVD, and honestly, I'm too lazy to type it all out, haha. But seriously, the band is really making an effort to include the streetteam in the DVD, to show the streetteam as another side of the band, and I would love the awesomeness of the streetteamers to stand out on the DVD. Besides, who doesn't want to be in a DVD?!

PS. We'll have thousands of the flyers that smell good! If that doesn't get you all to a meeting, I don't know what will, haha.
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