Miss. Leah (superwomen02) wrote in destreetteam,
Miss. Leah

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hi! *waves* im a newbie!

thought i would introduce myself.

my name is Leah, im 20 years old and a junior at UW-Whitewater. a couple friends of mine introduced me to D&E and i thought they were awesome. i went to my 1st D&E concert back on February 3rd at Luther's Blues in Madison.

Sign outside Luthers Blues

im also a member of the_de so if u saw these pictures already, sorry, but i just found this community.

anyways, i just wanted to share some awesome news!! D&E is playing on Friday, April 1st, at Club 770 in Madison, WI @ 8:30pm w/ Lucky Boys Confusion, Ludo, and Sneaker 2 Bombs!!!! yay!! i cant wait to seem them again!!!

hope to see u at the show!!!

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