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hey all:)

The D&E concert in Madison was Friday night. Lucky Boys Confusion played, so did The Never Ending(they were Sneaker 2 Bombs, but changed their name). it was a good concert, i liked both The Never Ending and LBC. The D&E preformed very well, like always, but most of the people were there to see Lucky Boys Confusion which sucked for us b/c we only really cared about The D&E. i didnt really get any good pics this time b/c we were really far back in the beginning of the concert then when my friend and i tried to weasel our way closer people started moshing and it got pretty nasty. it was a very small place for way to many people. It was still a fun concert and Jimmy and Augie ended up staying at my friends apartment that night. that was really cool, to bad by the time they actually got there i was drunk and ready to pass out. oh well, lol.

was anybody else at the show?? if u were, thoughts???

well, i think thats it for now. cant wait for the next concert!!!!


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